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What is a Hotel Recommendation System?

A hotel recommendation system aims at suggesting properties/hotels to a user such that they would prefer the recommended property over others.

Why is a Hotel Recommendation System required?

In today’s data-driven world, it would be nearly impossible to follow the traditional heuristic approach to recommend millions of users an item that they would actually like and prefer.

Hence, a Recommendation System solves our problem where it incorporates user’s input, historical interaction, and sometimes even users demographics to build an intelligent model to provide recommendations.

Objective of this Blog:

In this blog, we will…

Why do we need a recommendation system ?

Let us take the simplest and the most relatable example of E-commerce giant Amazon. When we shop at Amazon it usually gives us the options of bundles and products that are bought along with the product you are currently going to buy. For example, if you are to buy a smartphone it recommends you to buy a back cover for the product as well.

For a second let us think and try to figure out what Amazon is trying to do in the figure below:

It’s quite easy to notice that they…

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